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Download link: so-net.v.2.0.zip 733 Kb

So-net is a new SRM-system developed by ukranian company Information Systems. This soft solves a wide range of problems reffering to general activity arrangement of your company and collaboration with clients. It also includes a number of modules necessary for office workers and company executives. The project is easy to use and set up, it also can be added with new modules, developed particularly for a problem put by.

You can use one of the two variants of the soft:
  • on-line version
  • local one

Use the on-line version if your company consists of 2-3 employees. In that case, you won't need abundance of user permissions but it's essentially that you have your company database saved irrespective of changes of address, hardware etc.You need no software environment! Moreover, your customers, employees which are in a to make a business trip etc. can use the on-line version of So-net.

Use local version, if your company consists of more than 5 employees. In that case you can sharply define permissions for agents, managers, system administrator, company executive, operators or secretary. Local system creation allows you to solve the following tasks:

  1. Collaboration with customers.
    • You have a possibility to make lists contained necessary information about all companies collaborating with you. Then you can bind some data to each company of your database name, for example, price lists, invoices, contracts, payments, orders and any necessary files. The function of multistep search allowes you to find the information in a matter of seconds.
    • The program contains the organizer "Tasks" where you can remind yourself of some importent developments and plan your working time.
    • Using So-net you can more quickly fulfil the things having been taken much time before, for example, invoicing or payments account.

  2. Managers' work
    • In the "Manager" section each manager can see the list of companies he deals with and edit information bound with them. Also there are such services as feedback to all e-mail addresses of your database, messaging between system users, organizer "Tasks" and contacts accounting.
    • So-net allows you to fix all contacts(calls, meetings, letters etc.) with your partners and customers.
  3. Statistical calculations.
    • All operations made by So-net users fixes in the statistic section. There program administrator or director of company can find data about all users' queries and made operations(it's include). Also the section includes the archive where you can save important statistic data.
    • There is the section of diagrams where you can veiw and print graphs of managers' busy condition, managers' profitability, company profitability and company general activity.
  4. In addition.
    • The program has flexible structure so it's basic configuration can be added with another sections and modules by your order. If the program not quitely helps you to manage your day tasks please turn to the developer.

To install So-net in your local network you need:
Server: OS - Windows 2000+/Linux/Unix
web-server: Apache 1.0+
PHP3 +
database: mySQL v.3.0+

Work station: web-browser Opera 5+, IE 5.5+, Mozilla 1.2.1

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So-net. OpenSource CRM-system for your office!

Our new project solves a wide range of problems reffering to general activity arrangement of your company and bridging with clients. The program includes a number of modules necessary for office workers as well as new modules for company executives.

For your office.

  • Creating of a reliable and dinamically updatable database,
  • Limitation of access rights to general database depending on official duties.
  • Accounting of all documents (bills, contracts and another ones),
  • Creating and analisis of statistical data.
For company executives.
  • Accounting of all managers' contacts.
  • Accounting of workers efficiensy.

For managers.

  • Creating of a personal list of companies for dealing with,(or the list of people for supervisor);
  • Accounting of all contacts with clients (meetings, calls, letters e.c.)
  • Handly organiser,
  • Accounting of all incoming orders and additional files to them.
  • Making feedback to all base of e-mail addresses.
  • Accounting of incoming payments.

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Another projects of Information systems company
Internet grabber "NetRaker".

Do you want to use information from other Web-sites and keep it up-to-date? Or do you want to fill you site with interesting and attractive content and collect news, data, pictures from every corner of Internet? Get it and save you time and money with "NetRaker"!

This software is built on technology of parsing HTML according to predefine patterns, formed by Javascript format facilities. The patters management is very easy to use and flexible, by clicking the mouse over the site you want to parse, you show which parts of site you want to fetch and to which columns of your database table these parts should be placed into. After patterns are created, you need only to connect to Internet for a short time to let NetRaker access the wanted sites or just download sites on you HD and NetRaker will parse them in offline mode. The mechanism is very simple yet the very reliable.
Sounds attractive? Find out more about "NetRaker" on product official page in http://netraker.is.zp.ua

Project PROFI v 2.1

Project PROFI v 2.1 was initially developed for use in personnel agencies or personnel departments of small and middle sized enterprises.

Basic configuration of the project includes:

  • information about customers;
  • information about present vacancies;
  • information about persons looking for job;
  • information about signed labor contracts between employers and employees;
  • system users information and user accounts management;
  • mailing lists
  • user profile support

Besides, the project includes the additional modules:

  • chat;
  • articles;
  • news;

New modules can be built into the project by your request.
Add-by-request modules list includes:

  • personnel testing systems;
  • automatic e-mail parsing systems;
  • automatic news posting systems (posts news to another web sites)
  • personnel training organization systems;

Changes made in version 2.1 of project:

  • site information and backoffice data are located in the same database
  • registering of own company or recruitment agency
  • automatic mailing system (sends emails to registered users, job applicants and employers).
  • flexible search mechanism (search by contracts, unoccupied employees, etc)

You can test it now! as login=test password=test.

Production control
with the a new project for the "Aroma Gold" company

The developers of the "Information Systems" created an absolutely new program for the "Aroma Gold" company, that specializes in making of food flavours.
The main feature of the project is it flexible structure composed of separate modules(created particularly for the company), that can be easy supplemented and changed.

Tasks the new project allows to solve.
  • Creating of the enterprise database
    (clients, suppliers, raw materials, integrated products etc.)on which basis the others operations run. Infomation can be entered and edited manually or uploaded as CSV.
  • Making up reciptes of the integrated products from the raw materials entered to the database, re-counting rate of mixture in compliance with the recipe.
  • Raw materials and integrated products account.
    Information dinamically changes on the basis of data about receipts and expenditure of matters from the others sections of the program.
  • Forming of the procurement request for raw materials. Planning of purchase.
  • Accounting of orders from your clients.
    Information about an order: maximum and minimum price(prime cost) of the matter gone to the warehouse, release price adjusted for profitability(the rate of profitability enters when you put on information about the order), final price(edited), rest of goods at the warehouse.